Steve menta - changing times

Behavior change is happening all around us; from user-friendly smart phones replacing “clunky” business phones, to coffee brands reframing quick refreshment into a rich, physical experience in dedicated shops.

Steve Mallen has already shared his grief and anger at the loss of his son. A talented straight A-grade student, Edward was set to go to Cambridge University. But in a matter of weeks he succumbed to depression and took his own life.

Steve worked together with Terry at Tudor Investment Corporation and Barclays Capital. He has also worked for Nortel and IBM in his earlier career. Steve holds a BAT in Software Engineering from the Central Institute of Technology, New Zealand and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance and Investment from the Australian Securities Institute.

Steve Menta - Changing TimesSteve Menta - Changing TimesSteve Menta - Changing TimesSteve Menta - Changing Times